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School Financial Benchmarking

What is School Financial Benchmarking?




 The schools financial benchmarking service provided by the Department for Education (DfE) allows you to identify schools that are similar to your own and compare your:

  • Spending
  • Performance
  • Staffing structures

You can also find contact details for these schools. 

The tool enables you to select multiple schools or trusts and add them to a “benchmark basket”. Clicking “View benchmark charts” allows you to view comparisons of the schools you have selected across 4 main areas. 

Within these areas there are charts covering more specific aspects. For example, for expenditure you can see charts focusing on expenditure in areas such as:

  • Staff
  • Premises
  • Supplies and services


Benefits of Benchmarking







There are 4 main cost areas for school budgets:

  • Teachers
  • Other staff
  • Supplies and services

Buildings and land


Benchmarking can help you:

  • Look at spending in these areas overall, as well as sub-categories of spending
  • Compare your school's spending with other similar schools
  • Inform your school development process

Making changes

Benchmarking helps you to connect with other schools to discuss challenges and successes.

This can help you to consider whether:

  • Your resource allocations are working 
  • You can improve outcomes by making changes

Benchmarking is in itself a comparative exercise, and the benefit comes from what you do as a result of what you learn from the benchmarking.

Limitations of benchmarking




Benchmarking is only a guide. You should think about other things you know about your school when assessing the data.

You can share more data through joining a benchmarking group through your local authority or school business managers’ network



To login to Norbury Manor Primary School's financial benchmarking report, click HERE

There are 0 individuals at Norbury Manor Primary School earning a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000.