Norbury Manor Primary School


Norbury Manor Primary enrichment programme supports high aspirations and excellence and provides opportunities for all children.

We believe that our pupils benefit from visiting places of interest and having representatives from various companies and other specialists visit the school. These experiences will link to the subjects/themes that the children are learning.

Extending opportunity: a national framework for study support

Study support is learning activity outside normal lessons which young people take part in voluntarily. Study support is, accordingly, an inclusive term, embracing many activities - with many names and many guises.

Its purpose is to improve young people’s motivation, build their self-esteem and help them to become more effective learners. Above all it aims to raise achievement. (DfES 'Extending opportunity: A national framework for study support')

Study Support – A national framework for extending learning opportunities DfES 2006) Education Extra identifies three main types of study support activity as:

  •  ‘enabling’ activities which set out to reinforce basic and core skills of literacy, numeracy, ICT and other more ‘personal’ life skills
  • ‘extending’ activities which build upon learning and experiences in the classroom and extend curriculum areas (eg, homework clubs, drama, music, sport)
  • ‘enrichment’ activities which promote learning in any number of areas which are not covered by the curriculum (eg, fishing, orienteering, circus skills)

“An Extended School is a school which recognises that it cannot work alone.” (DfES 2004)

 Quite often there will be local trips, e.g. to the library or park. For such trips, we may not ask for your written permission. For all others, parents and carers will be asked for authorisation.

In most cases, we will request a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the event or trip. However, your child will not be excluded if you are unable to contribute. Please discuss any concerns you have regarding this with your child’s teacher.

Payment for school trips is through Bromcom My Child At School (MCAS).

2021 Year 5 Viking Workshop

Reliving Thorgil￿s journey from Denmark to England and taking part in a gripping retelling of the story of Thor￿s Hammer, year 5 explored different aspects of Viking life.